June 26, 2019

Craig Holden – Broadcast Technician

Craig-Holden broadcast technician

In 2014 I graduated and received my BA Hons in Film studies and, like everyone else, I began my search to join the world of work. A conflict arose however, I had to obtain a form of work that applied to a criteria of three; firstly It had to be relevant to my field of study. Secondly it had to pay a good amount, and thirdly it had to allow for the opportunity of travel. I knew this was a far reaching goal, especially for a first full time job but I was determined to rise to the challenge. After four months of job applications and interviews I acquired the position of Broadcast Technician at Royal Caribbean International. This was my first full time position, which amazingly ticked all the boxes. Ever since then I have travelled the world, met amazing people and worked with some of the most advanced equipment that the world has to offer.

The definition of my position is that I maintain broadcast feeds from satellites to the cruise ship where I am stationed, alongside providing video support to a multitude of Broadway, aqua and ice skating shows. Whilst creating a variety of corporate and entertainment content for our TV servers and maintaining the advanced equipment throughout the vessel. I have done this for nearly four years and imagine I shall be doing it for several more. The easiest way to ascertain a job of relevance to your degree is to have a strong balance between your education and work experience.

During my time at university, other than studying and meeting my educational requirements, I was working at several production houses to gain as much experience as possible. Working in positions such as an editor, a runner, camera operator, director etc. gave me the edge that I knew I would need when it came to applying for work. This balance is what allowed me gain my position at Royal Caribbean. At the end of the day it all comes down to hard work, smart thinking and the confidence to act.

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