July 21, 2019

Careers Fair 2015

Two people talking at a Careers day

At this time of year I like to look back at what we’ve achieved. But it’s too much for one post!

One particular achievement though deserves special recognition. This is the second year we’ve run a Careers Fair. I suspect few attendees, even the Events Management ones, think about how much work is involved in delivering such an event.  In reality it takes about five months to pull together. And its largely down to two people:

JANKI AMIN is our Employer Relations & Partnerships Manager. She has been responsible for securing exhibitors to the fair. And that’s not as easy as it sounds. With the best will in the world, companies have to make decisions about how they use their resources – and not every company would be able to attend every careers fair.  So Janki works with them to highlight how GSM London graduates can add value to their business. And Janki’s doing something right – we had forty exhibitors compared to 25 last year.

SONIA TAHER is a GSM alumnus herself and knows the institution from a student perspective. She is now in charge of delivering our careers events. For the Careers Fair this is a huge logistical operation – securing venues, furniture, catering and countless other suppliers.  And lots and lots of troubleshooting. And of course when everybody goes home, it’s Sonia’s role to make sure everything is removed, returned to suppliers and exhibitors.

And a big thanks to local student Matty Swan for tackling poor lighting to produce these great shots from the day:

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