May 23, 2019

Young mums can be successful students too









There’s no doubt that being a student in Higher Education whilst also performing the duties of a young mother is a difficult task. In fact that might even be an understatement! I try to look at it as a challenge, and that would be my advice to any other young mothers out there wanting to study. It’s just another obstacle to complete. You’ve already given birth, what’s another couple years of study compared to that?! If you can do that then you can do anything you put your mind to. Keep focused on the end goal. Of course I do have the support of family and friends for when I lose morale, or anything at all they can help me with (babysitting in exam periods).

Why put myself through it?

Quite simply, I want to make something of myself. I want to look back and be able to smile and say “I did that,” and most importantly I want my son to be proud of his mother. Having Higher Education qualifications is a great way to widen career prospects, or to get a promotion if you are already working somewhere. These job prospects can mean a higher income and better life for me and my son.

Any tips?

I would say, surround yourself with positive people who have the same if not similar dreams and values that will help you to stay focused and determined to succeed. I can’t begin to explain how helpful a group of friends can be. They are there to help you catch up if for some reason you miss out on a lesson. It’s important to have these friends outside of Uni too, for those rare occasions you get a chance to do something for yourself. Whether you’re all chilling out or having a drink, spending time with friends can be really good stress relief.

My last tip would be not to discourage yourself, in fact get up every morning look in the mirror and throw yourself a few motivational words, anything that will keep you thinking positive. If I can be a young mum, a student, and part time employee then you can do it too. Good luck!

By Jade Alexander – BSc (Hons) Events and Entertainment Management

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