July 17, 2019

We are unity

Getting involved in university life and meeting other students can be both rewarding and beneficial. It is an opportunity to make new friends and to increase your confidence and employability.

Unity is a new organisation that aims to incorporate all of these benefits under one umbrella. Its unique concept brings people together and celebrates cultural diversity through music and the arts. So far, drama workshops have been organised to help students develop various skills including: confidence building, voice projection and leadership. Alongside this are opportunities to produce art instillations pieces, combining acting, music and art in one project. The end result will be showcased at an upcoming event.

Unity at GSM London
Unity at GSM London

Whether you are a sound technician, make-up artist, web designer, promoter, juggler, actor, DJ, poet or just looking to have fun and meet new people, Unity wants to hear from you.

Get involved

At GSM London we provide you with an opportunity to get actively involved with university life, increase your employability and make new friends. Becoming involved with societies is a great place to start – you will boost your CV, meet like-minded people and have fun.

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