April 22, 2019

The Italian Job

Jonathan Lawal the GSM London module leader for Logistics and Operations Management reveals how the recent student visit to Logistics specialist Arcese  in Italy came about.

GSM London’s second Field Trip to our partner Arcese in Italy was a great success, due to the hard work of the Energy and Procurement department and other crucial functions within GSM London and of course our hosts at Arcese.Arcese

The idea came about from a conference I attended about three years ago; I met Mr Jon Bushby the owner of SuDev Projects a logistics company. I told him that I am a lecturer at GSM London and that one of my modules is Logistics and Operations Management. I asked whether he could accommodate some of my students to visit his company in Italy.

On the first trip GSM students visited SuDev Projects and were introduced to the operations of their business, but Jon suggested that he introduce us to Arcese and the rest is history. The students were able to align the theory they learned in the classroom to the experience gained in the field. The idea behind this is to improve the overall student learning experience.

The Head of Department, Baba Sheba and our Pro-Provost Executive Dean Christy Traore, moved heaven and earth to make it happen. I am delighted to say that GSM London and Arcese have accomplished something unique in building a relationship between a family run business and an educational institution.

Further developments have arisen from the partnership such as the yearly visits to both sites in London and Italy. The next visit would be on the 24th of March 2017 to their London site.

Also, Arcese has agreed to participate in GSM London’s Energy Futures week on the 23rd of March 2017 in Greenford. This is another opportunity for our students at GSM London to link the theory of the classroom with industry practice.

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