July 17, 2019

Students Get Hands on Experience with Logistics and Operations in Italy

GSM London students at Logistics and Operations Hub

At GSM London, contextualising the classroom theory with practical experience is an integral part of our degree programmes and is central to the curriculum. Additionally, one of the main strengths of our lecturers is that they are from both academic and industry backgrounds with practical experience and sector contacts. Recently, these came perfectly together when the business contacts of our lecturers, Jonathan Lawal and Dr Kenneth Aidelojie, enabled GSM London students studying the logistics module to visit an operational warehouse in Northern Italy.

Jon Bushby, CEO of SuDev Projects SA – based out of Switzerland – invited the students to visit the working warehouse of partner firm, SCMHUB (Supply Chain Management Hub – managed by owner Veronica Gheza. The warehouse, located 20 minutes outside of Brescia, Northern Italy, acts as a logistics hub to; manage , control and check materials before they reach clients – ensuring that all specifications are met and that the materials are delivered smoothly.

Logistics and Operations students with Jon BushbyStudents were greeted by a presentation from Jon, introducing both firms and their relationships; which sparked an interesting Q & A session and lead into a presentation from Raluca Butincu, GSM London Oil and Gas Management student, introducing GSM London. Read Raluca’s reflection of the trip >

The warehouse team were on hand to share their working day and give the students an insight into the day-to-day grind of a warehouse and the supply chain operations. With the office staff (or PIXIES as Jon refers to them) and warehouse floor staff (GRIMPS) showing us all the ‘nitty gritty’ of their daily workloads.

The GRIMPS showed the students everything from the unloading and loading lorries to the more complex nature of load maps: considering weight distribution and priorities. Alongside, the surprisingly administrative side of their role of packing verification: photographic proof of how goods are received and loaded to ensure that all packaging requirements are met and items are transported without risk of damage. A couple of students even tried their hand at driving a forklift: which Lovelyn Abbas Salihu, Oil and Gas Management student, described as ‘definitely a first for me’. Read more on how the trip helped Lovelyn see the oil and energy sector from a new perspective >

The PIXIES filled the office (which was made by the warehouse staff from shipping containers and crates) with the buzz of calls in various languages; arranging the different stages of the distribution and the appropriate documentation (serving the various countries’ requirements) to allow this. Annamarie, showed the importance of languages in the logistics role as she switched from reading and writing in Italian and English to speaking French on the phone.

GSM London students see Logistics and Operations office staff in action

The warehouse team shared the importance of attention to detail; through quality checking and ensuring that this importance is educated throughout entire supply chain. Highlighting the importance of receiving and checking the goods at the earliest point in the chain to reduce wastage and the time cost errors further along material journeys.

Find out more about the practical elements of GSM London degrees and the various modules across the subjects >

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