June 26, 2019

GSM London Student Guide

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Joining the GSM London student body in the coming semester? New beginnings can sometimes be quite daunting and so we have written you this student guide for new starters; helping to prepare you, and make the start of your higher education journey as smooth as possible.

Get to know your peers

It is important to get to know the people both on and off your course, whether they are younger or older than you. As students you will have a lot more to talk about than you think; including events, coursework and examination. Between yourself and others, you will become increasingly more aware of goings on at GSM London. This also comes in handy after deadlines when you are looking for someone to de-stress with.

Good relationship with your lecturer

It is equally, if not then more important to develop a rapport with your lecturer. In many instances they will be your point of contact should you have any concerns or misunderstandings. Lecturers have had experience dealing with a variety of student issues, which new students are likely to also experience.

Plan a schedule to follow

Once you receive your timetable, creating a schedule will help you to balance study and personal life. A sense of order might be pertinent to reducing stress levels because you will have a clear plan, thus enabling you to manage your time better and working to your full potential. For our mature students, this might be especially useful since it is more likely that they have more responsibilities outside of GSM London. Such as, work, childcare or caring for other dependents.

E-learning facilities

In the long term, it will prove very beneficial for students to familiarize themselves with GSM London’s e-learning facilities. Here are a few to take note of:


Students that study with us are given access to learning platforms such as Lynda.com. In Lynda you’ll find short online courses to help you develop skills. Course content is derived from numerous areas of study – from IT, design and web to presentation skills. Access to Lynda usually has a fee, however, GSM London is dedicated to the development of our students and so it has been ensured that this is free. Make the most of it!

GSM Learn

On GSM Learn, you are able to receive notifications from tutors regarding lectures, tutorials and examinations. Content from your programme of study will be uploaded on a weekly basis before you attend your lessons so that you can prepare in advance. GSM Learn contains various important documents regarding policies and regulations which you might need to refer back to.

Student Portal

Every student must be able to navigate the student portal. If not, then handing in your assignments might prove a little difficult. On the student portal you are able to hand in work and check submission deadlines. This is also where you access the most recent and also past results and feedback from your assessments.

Throughout the duration of your study, you will face many obstacles differing in nature. Be sure to stick to our student guide and you will be well prepared to tackle those challenges head on.

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