June 16, 2019

Raluca: Innovation and Quality Service Central to Logistics

Oil and Gas Management student, Raluca Butincu, reflects on the recent trip to Brescia (in Northern Italy) and the practical knowledge she gained ahead of studying the logistics module.

‘The reasons why I decided to join the GSM London team for this trip, apart from getting to know my colleagues more and visit a beautiful city, were very much academically driven. I will study the Logistics module soon and I gathered some practical information and witnessed procedures while visiting the two companies. The way the companies deal with everyday scenarios, promoting sustainability, keeping the customer satisfaction high and employee engagement are some of the key learnings that I am aware of.

GSM London Warehouse Visit

The experience of meeting the SuDev Projects SA and SCMHub team and Jon Bushby was educative on levels of employee engagement and effectiveness in the inspection and attention given to every detail in the manufacturing processes, optimising shipment for the sectors they operate in as well the importance of having a close relationship with their customers. As a business motivational model, working in a teamwork environment and employees having different tasks everyday engage them into deeper thinking that contribute to the business development extraordinarily.

Visiting and presenting at ARCESE Group was fantastic, Laura – Full Truck Load (FTL) Sales Area Manager – showed us a different approach in terms of business development. I would say innovation and quality services are the most descriptive two elements for the company’s picture overall. Constant development in the past 50 years, introducing innovative services with the multi-modal scheme is placing ARCESE on the top of the logistics operating countries worldwide, providing quality solutions within their business activity. ARCESE is interested in ethical issues as well as the environmental ones, promoting sustainability with the intermodal transport, mixing the road and rail transport together and therefore, reducing the carbon emissions.

Logistics presentation for GSM London

Lastly, being chosen to present a short presentation about GSM London in front of many people, I managed to overcome my anxiety and the emotion of being a point of focus.

I would like to thank SuDev Projects SA, SCMHub and ARCESE Group for having us and letting us have a glimpse of their success and our lecturers Dr. Kenneth Aidelojie and Jonathan Lawal for creating this great opportunity for us.

‘’The only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked.’’

Jon Bushby – SuDev Projects SA

‘’Sustainability in transport solutions and strong customer relationships is always a win-win.’’

Laura Protto – ARCESE Group’

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