May 25, 2019

Marketing in The Digital Age Event

A group photo of students

On November 11th GSM London level 5 students, accompanied by lecturer Maurice Lukadi, attended the Marketing in a Digital Age event created by Smbuzz in partnership with The Digital Mob. These students were selected as they are currently studying the new Digital Marketing module being taught at GSM London, and so were given the opportunity to attend the event and be exposed to the industry. As you can see from the picture above the trip was definitely a success and our students had a great time together! Whoever said education can’t be fun was wrong.

Tell us more!

The event, held at Google Campus London, was founded to educate individuals in being innovative with marketing in a now digital age. It highlighted what you can do when using the new digital technologies now on offer in the marketing environment, and the implementation of new advertising models and authentic strategy models. There was a strong focus on:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Mixed Reality

Who was there?

Speakers at the event included:

Jhonathan Barreto, CEO and Founder of SMBUZZ holding

Leutrim Ahmeti, Co-founder of The Digital Mob

Matheus Bazzo, CMO Holding SMBUZZ

Nathan Soares, Co-founder of The Digital Mob and Creative Director of SMBUZZ London

1 thought on “Marketing in The Digital Age Event

  1. As you know, businesses of all sizes right from McDonald’s and Coca-Cola down to your local hardware store are trying to get a presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Think of how many ‘Fan pages’ and advertisements you have seen on Facebook recently for businesses in your local area.

    It’s a big thing right now and it’s making people just like you a lot of money.

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