June 24, 2019

Marieke’s OSAM experience as an Events Student at GSM London

Events Student Consultant at GSM London

Marieke – GSM London Events student and Student Consultant for the course.

I’m Marieke and I am currently doing my level 5 in Events Management. I like to get involved in university matters, which is why I love being a student consultant. We have a very dynamic and creative group, it was a great way to meet people and make friends as well as feel part of something. We are like a family building something together.

Being an events student consultant gives us the opportunity to get involved and voice our concerns and satisfaction about the program, shaping it to become a great programme that attracts students. We also have the great opportunity to be part of some organisations’ or charities’ journeys by creating events for them. As a student consultant I gained experience, knowledge, contacts and friends!

It is a great opportunity and I am thankful to all the academics that made this journey possible!

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