May 25, 2019

Journey through academia

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Mature students in academia, GSM London Student Reps

The face of academia and the profile of those following the Higher Education (HE) route have changed over the years and will continue to do so with the introduction of new HE entry routes. There is a more diverse student population, including those fresh out of college or sixth form, international and mature students. Regardless of the student profiles there are challenges that are faced by a vast majority of students studying at undergraduate level.

Learning to learn

Regardless of students’ age, when taking time out from education – possibly to work or maybe even travel the world on a journey of self-discovery, it can be hard to readjust to returning to academia. At GSM London we want to give you every chance of success on your learning journey, and it begins with Flying Start. Flying Start is aimed at Foundation Year students who’ve been away from education for a while and may not be confident in their study skills. If that sounds like you, Flying Start can help. Sessions are designed to improve your academic skills, connect you with other students and ease you into life as a member of the GSM London community.

Lost in the crowd

Small class sizes at GSM London and the methods of assessment used encourage communication between students. Many of the modules undertaken require students to partake in graded group assignments and presentations. This means that there will always be an opportunity to interact with your peers and establish relationships.

Finding the right career

Studying a degree does not mean that you are certain of your career path, though it is a step towards discovering your passion. Your time at university gives you the opportunity to access various networks, from students across campuses and institutions to established organisations.

Our Careers team are committed to aiding current students and alumni to secure the right job role for them upon completion of their degree. As well as our Careers department, academics at GSM London have a wealth of practical industry experience accompanied by theoretical knowledge that is shared with their students.

Choosing the right institution

Choosing the right institution to study in is likely to be one of the first challenges you will face in Higher Education. You want to enroll somewhere that best suits your needs.  GSM London believes in providing equal opportunities for all who want to study, and also take into consideration the professional experience of applicants. Across both our Greenwich and Greenford campus there is a large entrepreneurial student base. GSM London is pioneering strengths-based learning in the UK in order to help build on the life and work experience of our students, improving their ability to realize their aspirations.

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