July 17, 2019

Islamic Finance: Putting Talent on the Agenda

GSM London is proud to support the launch of The Human Capital Challenge: Shaping The Future , Islamic finance’s first step to establish concrete industry objectives for talent development.

The Report’s eight Talent Development Goals (TDGs) will tackle some of the key insights of the 2015 Report, which finds human capital development crucial to the future sustainability of Islamic finance.

Simply Sharia Human Capital will unveil the TDGs at the World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC) next month. Simply Sharia supported our Careers in Finance week in October, providing insight into the diverse Sharia compliant finance sector.

A culmination of industry insights, thought-leadership and engaging ideas, Shaping The Future re-asserts the industry’s commitment to human capital; demonstrating some of the critical problems facing the human capital space, including lack of opportunities for graduates, Islamic finance education, standardisation, talent programmes, leadership and Sharia scholar development.

The mismatch of skills between education and industry also bears scrutiny in this Report, with a resounding need for better collaboration and cooperation between the education space and industry, along with the need for benchmarking and standardisation of Islamic finance courses.

One of the first supporters to pledge their commitment to the Talent Development Goals, the Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA) said: “Understanding the human capital needs and issues in Islamic Finance is the first step towards developing and implementing solutions that will enhance the industry and drive it towards long-term, resilient growth. This report is yet another step in the right direction by Simply Shariah Human Capital.”

Nyra Mahmood

Report lead, Nyra Mahmood of SSHC said: “As an industry we are setting a vision and precedence for a more agile, proactive and forward-thinking human capital space. We want Islamic finance institutions and IF educators to pledge their support to the TDGs – even if they look to engage with one of the eight goals, it is a start and the beginning of building a sustainable future for Islamic finance.”






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  1. A very informative post about islamic banking. My friends is palnning to invest in islamic banking. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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