May 25, 2019

Events Management Students take to the road

GSM London Events Management Students in Sheffield

Follow the journey of our Student Consultants, studying Events Management at GSM London, as they travel around with their Head of Department and pioneer in the teaching of Events Management – Fotios Vasileiou – to share their experience of the OSAM approach.

Trip 1 – 22 May 2015, The Smiths restaurant: discussing aspects of an event manager and possibilities to use the space for our events.

Trip 2 – 7 July 2015, London: The student consultants have a meeting at HMS President on the Thames River.

Trip 3 – 7 July 2015, Saint Johns Ambulance headquarters: tying the Events Management Degree with businesses.

Saint John's Ambulance

Trip 4 – 13 July 2015, Sheffield: The Student Consultants from the Events Management degree at GSM London are travelling around to deliver the OSAM method to other universities.

Sheffield Events Students 2

GSM London Events Management Students in Sheffield
Fotios and GSM London Events Students

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  1. This sounds an incredibly innovative undertaking. I wish you every success and look forward to the updates.

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