July 17, 2019

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Access to Eventum for GSM London Events Students

Fotios Vasileiou – Head of the Events Management Department at GSM London – introduces EVENTUM for the events management student and staff.

EVENTUM is a unique source for our Events Management student body. The exceptional point on its character is that it is a resource handbook, in a magazine and newsletter format. We see it as the bridge between staff and students on their common efforts for development in our Events Management studies.Events Management student and staff portal - Eventum for GSM London Events collaborationThe students get the benefit to suggest which sources they feel related with their studies, always in collaboration with the academic staff. As a Head of Department, I act as Editor-in-Chief, but I have a promising editorial team coming from the Events Management student consultants to support the effort. The student consultants usually contribute individually, according to their personal interests and their availability.

Another additional benefit is that the students and lecturers, who contribute in EVENTUM, can mention that as publishing in their CV (acknowledging the ISSN number and month of the specific issue).

In September 2014 I decided to work on an additional source that could support students to trace the most relevant and reliable sources, to help them easily get inspirational ideas, and boost their creativity. I asked the support of the Lecturers and they started to contribute on the general template I build up. Day by day, lecturers and students started to send their additions, until the May 2015. Feeling ready to go to the next step, we gained an ISSN number to give more official face to our effort. We have been the first Events Management Resource Handbook, ISSN credited, and made by both academics and students.

Today, the EVENTUM is gradually introduced to the Events Management modules and still every month is expanded with additions from the students. It was and it is the first practical proof that students can build their studies, under a new revolutionary idea that was created and took shape in GSM London Events Programme for first time.

All Events Management students are welcome to contribute to EVENTUM, so if you’ve got a voice on industry we’d like to hear it.

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