June 16, 2019

A dream on a sticky note could be a dream come true!

At GSM London we believe that all our students have the potential to succeed and achieve their dreams. Because of this, we want to make sure that they start with the right foot, setting their Bold Dreams from the really first day.

During our last induction ceremony our students were challenged to put down in writing  their biggest career dream and ambition  after finishing their studies.  All of the sticky notes with the students’ ambitions were collected in order to create the below Word Art. Reading through those dreams you can feel the strong determination and commitment that have motivated them to undertake their path in higher education and that will surely take them a step closer to fulfilling their aspirations.


Throughout their studies, our  students are constantly invited to believe in their capabilities and, by holding on to that dream on a sticky note, it could become reality; all it takes is believing in yourself, in your dreams and passions.

To feed our students’ motivation, we have created a page on our website that features only some of the many successful career paths of our former students; we like to call it the GSM London “Hall of Fame”.  This is available in the “Inspire” section of the website; please click here to have a taste of it.


Because of the great excitement arose form the induction ceremony we thought that we also had to hold onto those dreams and preserve them in a way so that none of them would ever go lost. We decided to create and immortalise a “Wall of Dreams”; a place where our students can go back to at anytime to refresh their motivation by looking up at those dreams on a sticky note.

This way those Bold Dreams may never vanish and will forever be honoured.


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