July 17, 2019

You can make it! Just.. Have Bold Dreams

During the past few months GSM London has been working very hard to put together a new video campaign. We embarked on  this project knowing where we wanted to go; we knew that we wanted to inspire the viewers to Have Bold Dreams, believe in themselves and believe in a better future.

What made us want to do this? YOU.. the students.


When students walk through the door at the campuses, we know that they are capable of anything, we believe in their potential. GSM London strives to give their students the boost in confidence and the distinctive knowledge they need to Have Bold Dreams, go out there and achieve that success that belongs to them. Through the years, GSM London has collected incredible testimonials from students who reported how their studies have literally changed their life, motivating them to do better in order to reach their bold dreams. These incredible stories though, were not enough for us, we wanted to do more; we wanted to take those messages out to inspire all those people that think that they can’t do it.. well.. we believe they can do it, they can set their goal higher, without fear nor limits, to be the best they can be. Often the fear of undertaking a path in higher education is what is holding people with great potentials from achieving their goals. Our Spoken Word video campaign tackles exactly this issue: we want all those people to know that they are not their mistakes, that what others say does not define them, that they can be whatever they want to be, and GSM London believes in them and is here to give them the tools required to fly high.

We filmed two videos: one targeting a younger audience, featuring an ascending star in the UK poem performing scene, Glitch. The second video targets a more mature audience, featuring the incredibly talented poet Mr. Gee. The whole video project was created with the full involvement of the students – in real GSM London “style”.

We had:
Students recruiting other students for the videos
Students who appeared in the video
Students who reported live on all our social media platforms during the filming day
Students inspiring the scripts
And.. it is also a student writing this blogGsmLondon-Have-bold-dreams-video-campaign-filming


The whole experience of planning and creating these videos was absolutely unique and memorable. The videos are now live across several platforms as we are confident that the impact that this campaign will have on the viewers, will be as encouraging and as inspiring as it is for us to receive comments from new potential students like the ones below.


Our Spoken Words videos are also available on our website; click on the links below to check them out for yourself, and you will understand what this whole excitement is about.

-You can do it! A degree is within your reach

– It’s never too late to start a degree


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