July 17, 2019

Careers in Finance Week!

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Dr. James Mackley Director of Financial Economics, OFCOM

Careers in Finance Week is designed to give students a chance to develop their understanding of the myriad of career options in the sector. From Investment Banking to High Street accountancy, family-friendly jobs to high pressure trading positions. It’s all there!





  • Economics in Practice – Director of Financial Economics OFCOM (Monday, Greenwich)
  • Careers in Investment Banking (Monday, Greenford)
  • Bloomberg Concepts (Tuesday, Greenwich)
  • Careers in Risk & Insurance (Wednesday, Greenwich)
  • Sharia Finance (Wednesday, Greenford)
  • CIMA Business Challenge (Thursday, Greenwich)
  • Digital Currency Revolution (Thursday, Greenwich)
  • Bank of England Tour (The City, Friday)
  • Business Late Lunch (The City, Friday)

Employers prefer candidates that have been proactive in developing their knowledge, networking and considering different career paths. Use every opportunity to do this on and off campus.

3 thoughts on “Careers in Finance Week!

  1. Being an Accounting student, I must say these kind of workshops really worth. It can help in deciding what to do and what not to do when it come to selecting a degree program.

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