June 26, 2019

What a legacy…..

Ajaz Hussain
Ajaz Hussain

So, last Wednesday we said goodbye to Ajaz Hussain. Many GSM London students will have met him either at Greenwich or Greenford and his legacy means that future GSM students will benefit from his expertise.

Ajaz was my Careers Education Manager. What does that mean? Careers Education is the portfolio of teaching around employability skills, attributes and decision making. We have a team of Faculty Employability Consultants and Careers Advisers all working on this alongside academic colleagues. Ajaz co-ordinated that and ensured we delivered the quality required to make an impact.

We were lucky to have had Ajaz work with us. He has a very strong pedigree through his work with IBM, Lancaster Business School and Bedford University. Ajaz was only with us for a year and yet achieved so much:

  • Helped develop the succesful KONE project with Zach Thompson, Business Management
  • Wrote a whole Professional Skills Module, recently validated by Plymouth University, for Level 5 students.
  • Professionalised the careers education content we deliver
  • Organised the Energy Futures week, working alongside the Department of Operations & Logistics

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ajaz. He moves onto a fascinating new role and I wish him the very best with that.



Director of Careers & Employability

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