February 18, 2019

Unmasking the ‘hidden’ job market


Let’s shed some light on the dark and mysterious ‘hidden’ job market…. it’s actually not that hidden at all, it just requires a different approach to access it.

We all know that today’s jobs market is more competitive than at any other time so it’s essential to exploit all possible routes to getting that job. If you are lucky and you have managed your professional profile well and/or you have a particularly niche skills offering, then you may well find that you are approached about opportunities. If the next great role isn’t going to come to you through direct online applications, then it’s up to you to go and get it and that means you take the next step in your career through networking!!

I should point out that in order to give yourself the best possible shot at getting the job you want you will almost certainly have to consider trawling through advertisements – typically online but also in traditional press. However do bear in mind that everyone is applying online, so competition is stiff!

Finding a really good recruiter to work with can be a tricky business but an extra pair of eyes on the market for you is never a bad thing, so do talk to GSM Careers & Employability, friends and colleagues who have used recruiters and ask for referrals and check the agency listings. The Pros: Good recruiters can help demystify the application process and may have access to a useful network that would otherwise be unavailable to you. The Cons: Even the best recruiters essentially put a price on your head – not always the best thing!

Whilst the idea of approaching an organisation directly may cause you to break out into a cold sweat – consider this:

  1. Who knows you better than yourself? In other words you are your own best promoter!
  2. If you don’t ever make a direct approach then you will NEVER get to those roles that aren’t advertised (ie the hidden ones!).

The process isn’t complicated, but it does require more leg work than the other methods mentioned above, however if you want to get noticed then you need to be making approaches that your competitors aren’t. I’ll write another blog about making those crucial approaches soon but, for now, please consider the pros and cons ….

The Pros: A direct approach means getting the right message to the right audience, whilst exercising a large degree of control over the process. It’s the ONLY way to source the roles
below the line and it’s a lot more interesting than online job searching!

The Cons: Networking takes a lot of leg work, so you need to plan your time effectively and exercise patience. When you’re new to it a direct approach can feel very scary – but ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen?

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