July 17, 2019

Unleashing Careers Thinking – Taking the Less Trodden Pathway to Success

Graduates often think of jobs that relate to their immediate degree rather than thinking of the wider transferable skills they have developed on their degree programme. This case study focuses on a graduate at GSM who looked beyond the horizons of her degree in Oil and Gas. In April 2014 she responded to a position advertised by GSM Careers for an internship working for a translation company.

The story begins last April in 2014 when Janki Amin, Employment Service Manager within GSM Careers, met Luke Trinder an entrepreneur who runs his own translation business, YesTrans.

Luke trained as a linguist and set up Yes Trans to employ other linguists to work on documents he receives from clients mainly within the financial and corporate world. He still checks over the translations before posting back to clients but much of his time is spent running and growing the business.

He asked Janki if she knew of any student that might be interested to work for him on an internship in a business development role rather than a linguist. The skills he was seeking in a graduate was someone who could hit the ground running and research potential clients for his business. As a small company he also wanted someone that could communicate well and fit in a team as well as work on their own initiative.

Employment Service Manager within GSM Careers,
Janki Amin, Employment Service Manager GSM Careers.


Janki returned to GSM Careers inspired by the role and met with Paul Cannons, Faculty Employability Consultant, to discuss sourcing potential candidates from the talent pool within GSM. They both agreed to hold an internal selection process whereby interested students were invited to research YesTrans and present a business plan to grow it successfully. The role was advertised via the Student Portal and on various GSM careers jobs board.

The predication within GSM careers was that most applicants would come from the Business Management faculty and a few candidates did apply from this department. However, after sifting through the applicants it was clear applicants had come also from accountancy and finance as well as Oil and Gas departments. The best of the applicants were invited to an internal interview and presentation after which feedback given to all participants. The strongest candidate to emerge was an Oil and Gas graduate, Marie.

She impressed both the GSM internal interview panel, comprised of Paul and Janki, because of her robust research skills and detailed presentation delivered in a calm, professional manner with enthusiasm and credibility. She was invited to a formal interview with Luke and his assistant, after receiving some fine tuning to her presentation and coaching from the GSM Careers internal interview panel.

Luke interviewed Marie 2014 on Greenwich campus and was equally impressed with her meticulous and thorough research she had put into her presentation. He decided to offer her an internship and she is now using a range of skills developed on her degree programme ranging from research, time management and communication skills as well as working in a small team environment to help develop a small business.

So why should this story inspire future GSM Graduates? It demonstrates that thinking beyond the immediate horizon of the initial degree undertaken allows a graduate to apply for a far wider range of jobs.  It also makes a strong case for being flexible within the graduate job market and deploying the whole array of the skills developed on a degree programme; Marie will no doubt develop even more commercially useful skills which will open more possibilities. The moral of the story is don’t listen to that inner voice that says ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘that is not me’ and dismiss job titles too readily. Marie may not have thought she would ever be working in business development but she had the courage to consider it, apply for it and to her delight land the job.

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