June 26, 2019

Is a two year accelerated Bachelor’s Degree right for me?

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If three years seem like a long time and you are ambitious to get your degree as soon as possible and embark upon a successful career, then an accelerated two year bachelor degree is the ideal choice for you!

The cost of fees for a three year course and the amount of time spent studying can be off putting for some and a two year degree gives you the same qualifications in less time and for lower fees. It is a more intense period of study with shorter breaks but for students keen to start their career or take less time out of their current career, it is an attractive alternative to the more traditional route.

Before you commit to two intense years of study however, you need to consider if it’s the best route for you or whether you’d be more suited to a three-year traditional course.

The pros of applying for a 2 Year fast Bachelors degree: 

  • Lower cost – By condensing your degree into two years you’ll end up paying less tuition fees. Your living costs will also be reduced as well because you’ll have one less year of student accommodation to pay for before you start earning.
  • Start earning quicker – With two year degrees you’ll be done and graduated long before your contemporaries on a traditional three year course. You’ll be earning a salary while your friends are still studying for their final exams.
  • Build your career faster – Because you’re a year ahead of your contemporaries you’ll get more work experience under your belt and start climbing the career ladder faster. This is especially advantageous for careers which traditionally require a longer period of study such as law.
  • Increased access to higher education – Two year degrees give more people the chance to go to higher education who might otherwise not be able to afford a full three year degree or have the time to devote to three years of study.
  • Demonstrates drive in a competitive job market – Students who undertake a two-year degree show they have the drive and tenacity to get ahead. It also shows you’re prepared to work flat out if necessary. In a competitive job market, this can really help you to stand out.
  • Same degree syllabus – A two-year degree isn’t a lower level of degree, you get exactly the same qualification as you would on a three-year course, just in a shorter space of time.

But also consider the cons of a two-year degree course: 

  • It’s hard work – Remember, you’ll be undertaking the exact same amount of work as a normal degree but with a year less in which to do it. You need a solid work ethic to cope with it and have to be prepared to knuckle down and study. If you’re already study weary after A Levels, it may be better to take a break before considering fast-track study.
  • Shorter breaks – Because three years have been condensed into two you’ll have three semesters a year and shorter breaks in between. There will be less time for student travelling during the holidays or working outside of your degree course.
  • Reduces the higher education experience – A two year degree will leave you much less time to enjoy student life and culture. If this is a priority for you as much as studying, you may find a three year degree would be more suitable.

We would like to hear from you if you have any questions about our two-year degree courses in London. You can call us on 020 3797 4687 or find out more accelerated bachelor degrees on GSM London’s website.

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