June 24, 2019

Tweet your Way To The Top

GSM London’s John Liberty, Careers & Employability consultant, has been featured in an article by The Environmentalist. Below we have included a snippet of the article.

Tweet Your Way To The Top

When a celebrity spat breaks out on Twitter, it gives the impression the social media platform is little more than a virtual playground where childish insults are hurled. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is certainly prolific with her 140-word character messages, but this is a mere snippet of the conversations taking place.

According to social media consultant Mark Frary, Twitter is increasingly popular in the business-to-business community as a recruitment and networking tool. Frary, the author of several science and technology books, says the public nature of Twitter allows users to connect with people outside their circle, opening up networks that could yield information on job opportunities that they would otherwise have missed.

…John Liberty, careers and employability consultant with GSM London, says for job seekers Twitter is an excellent channel to keep abreast of industry news and to communicate interests and knowledge to employers. ‘Make sure you post and share relevant content, news and opinions that complement your areas of expertise in your chosen field,’ he says. ‘Try to keep on top of any sector trends or hashtags. Then you will be up to date and seen as commenting on relevant topics in the news or sector agenda.’

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