June 26, 2019

What Skills define a good leader in the world of business

Sir Alan Sugar a great leader

Are you a Sir Winston Churchill or Lord Alan Sugar? Turning management into leadership.GSM London - Churchill or Suagr?

The gulf between management and leadership can be quite vast. Turning management into leadership within the business world is a skill that should never be neglected – so before you determine whether you’re a Churchill or a Sir Alan, let’s take a look at what skills define a good leader in the world of business.


Whether presenting a PowerPoint or tutoring a new starter, the importance of clear, concise communication should never be underestimated.  We’ve all been there; awkwardly pausing while the simplest of thoughts sits irritatingly close to the tip of the tongue.

For many, this issue may be a rare occurrence, but those who struggle with this on a regular basis would benefit from even the easiest remedy: a long deep breath, a momentary pause or even a written plan of what they’re trying desperately to say.

In business, effective communication can often be the difference between landing that all-important client or losing out to your competitors, so if you find yourself struggling, why not try taking advantage of that ‘open door policy’ or try your hand at networking events? Throwing yourself in at the deep end can be a great confidence booster.


Ever heard the old cliché ‘you’ll catch more flies with honey?’ Well, according to Forbes, there might actually be something in it.  In a recent article highlighting ten points that make a great leader, the American business magazine argues that “if your team is feeling happy and upbeat, chances are they won’t mind staying that extra hour to finish a report, or devoting their best work to the brand.”

If you’re a positive figure in the work-place, others will look to you for answers, solutions and most importantly, inspiration. And that, as we’re about to see, is one of the most important qualities any leader possesses.


Read any article related to leadership skills and you are bound to come across the argument for ‘inspiration’. Personal development website Mindtools tells the story of two contrasting leaders to highlight this point brilliantly.

On one side we see a team disenchanted with their work; their results weak and their staff turnover is high. On the other, we see a loyal, engaged and highly successful team driven by Molly. The difference between the two? While one team sails rudderless, the other is driven by ‘transformational leader.’

In short, Molly inspires her team. Mindtools argues that Molly achieves this with encouragement, focus and ensuring that she is the model standard in which others should follow.  She creates an inspiring vision for the future and motivates others to deliver this vision. Soon enough her team are engaged and as a result the business prospers.

If you’re looking to develop your leadership credentials in the world of work, the literature at hand can be rather daunting upon first glance. However, with these three simple adjustments, you’ll be well placed to begin your transformation from manager into workplace leader. We have every faith in you.

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