July 21, 2019

Where can a travel and tourism degree take me?

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If you have a passion for travel, a sense of adventure and a healthy interest in far-flung places, then a degree in travel and tourism could be ideal for you. It’s a degree that can potentially take you around the world one day and it will equip you with the knowledge and skills travel companies are crying out for.

You’ll no doubt be familiar with travel and tourism even if you don’t always realise it. If you live by the sea, you’ll have witnessed tourists enjoying the beach, if you’ve been to London you might have seen the crowds around famous monuments like Big Ben or in Leicester Square – tourism is everywhere.

The travel and tourism industry in the UK alone is one of the fastest-growing employment sectors and is expected to be worth more than £257 billion by 2025. With jobs in the industry accounting for 9.6% of the total jobs in the UK, there is enormous potential for a successful and rewarding career.

What will I learn?

The first year of a BSc (Hons) Travel and Tourism degree is spent getting a good grounding of the basics – academic skills, management and organisation, business skills and communications – as well as making sure you are up to speed with degree level study.

After that, you get deeper into tourism-specific modules which include the fundamentals of travel and tourism, customer service management and tourism financial planning and decision-making. You’ll also learn about policy and planning, digital marketing, cultural tourism, e-tourism and how airline and tour companies operate.

As you progress at GSM London, you’ll have the opportunity to work on projects linked to travel and tourism and gain real world experience. The benefits of these in-depth projects are numerous – you’ll gain hands-on knowledge which is essential in the industry in subjects such as destination marketing, sustainable tourism and hospitality and venue management.

What can you do with a travel and tourism degree?

Travel and tourism courses open up a world of possibilities once you graduate. You’ll have developed strong business and communication skills during the course which will give you broad job prospects. You could work for a tourism company or in hospitality. You might work for an airline or a cruise operator. You could find a role in marketing, management or customer services or work for a chain of hotels.

The great thing about tourism courses is the opportunity they afford you to apply for jobs around the world. Due to the nature of the industry and depending on the job you apply for, you may also end up undertaking quite a lot of travel yourself.

A tourism course also equips you with lots of transferable skills, so you’re not limited to the travel industry either. It’s well-suited to a job in PR, advertising and even business and finance.

Are there any opportunities for postgraduate study?

If you’re not quite ready to dive into a career in tourism but would rather delve deeper into the subject and find a specialism, then a postgraduate qualification could be the answer. An MSc in Travel and Tourism will give you an advanced understanding of the industry from a management perspective. Completion of the MSc will allow you to get more involved in the strategy, planning and development of travel and tourism.

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