July 23, 2019

Things to do around GSM London’s Greenford campus

GSM London Greenford campus

GSM London aims to create an environment that is productive for learning whilst encompassing all that is great about being part of an academic community. The GSM London Greenford campus is situated in the centre of well known boroughs of Northolt and Wembley, making it the ideal setting to enjoy some of the noteworthy experiences London has to offer. Here are some of the highlights that you can explore in Greenford and the surrounding areas.

London Motor Cycle Museum in Greenford

The London Motorcycle Museum is the only museum of its kind in London, drawing traction from all over, it is the home of more than 170 machines and features several unique exhibits. A visit to this museum will expose you to a wealth of history as well as being a chance to learn from their staff who have a plethora of knowledge and interesting stories to share.

Northala Fields 1.7 Miles From Greenford

Nortala Fields is a bus ride away from our Greenford campus. The award-winning country style park is host to pleasant views and is the perfect place to relax, go for a stroll or just to bask in natures beauty. There are four hills in total within the park, alongside a fishing lake and a large open field. So, if you are looking for a place to zone out and focus on your studies, this location is ideal.

Sanatan Temple 1.8 Miles From Greenford

Explore the rich history and intricate architecture of the ‘Sanatan temple’, situated in the neighbouring borough of Wembley this site pays homage to aspects of Indian culture, religion, and architecture. Although it is mainly used as a place for prayers and worship, there is still the opportunity to visit the temple and enjoy the beauty of this holy sanctuary.

Wembley Arena Pavilion 2.5 Miles From Greenford

If you’re a fan of live entertainment, a short distance from the Greenford campus is Wembley Arena Pavilion. A place where many sports events have taken place and many stars have graced its stages, it is also a place that is home to several lovely restaurants and bars. Dependent on the what’s on for the night it is also a great place to take out the family as there is a small fountain and playing area. If you are looking to take a break from studying and want to treat yourself this the perfect place to enjoy a night of full entertainment.

GSM London Campus – Greenford

Last but not least our Greenwich campus is situated in an easy to reach location, a short walk from Greenford tube station. This beautiful campus was recently designed and truly incorporates the forward-thinking and culturally diverse community that GSM London is known for. Our students have access to a variety of courses, modern IT suites, a cafeteria, a common room, a study break room and multi-faith prayer rooms, not forgetting access to free and secure WIFI. GSM London’s campus is a wonderful place to learn and grow academically and socially. Take our virtual campus tour to gain a better insight into GSM London Greenford.

GSM London campuses provide the perfect setting for students to reach their full potential, find out more about the courses we have to offer.

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