June 26, 2019

The importance of an online presence in business

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How often do you go online and google something when you want to buy a new product or find a service? Have you ever looked at reviews and decided not to buy because of what was written? Maybe you’ve checked out other people on your course or visited LinkedIn profiles of individuals you admire in business? It’s probably something you do every day like millions of others.

There’s no denying it, we live in a digital age and having some kind of online presence is no longer an optional extra – it’s vital if you want to get ahead. Whether you’re a professional looking for jobs or you plan to start your own business, how you appear online is just as important now as your brand and your customer service.

A virtual CV

If you’re thinking about a job after graduation or already looking, then building a solid online presence is essential. Not only that, anything that can be found online about you should be professional. According to some statistics, 69% of recruiters have turned down a candidate as a result of what they have seen on a social media profile. And 35% of employers admit they are less likely to interview a candidate if they find no online presence.

Chances are you already have social media accounts but if you’re applying for jobs you need to make sure they reflect positively on you – insightful tweets about the industry you want to work in will help you, drunken photos and racist, sexist rants will definitely not. It’s important therefore, to clean up any social media profiles, delete any detrimental posts and put your security settings up to maximum.

LinkedIn is a really useful business social network to be part of and having a solid and professional profile will definitely help your next career move. You can create a profile listing all your achievements and experience and link to other professionals within your chosen industry.

Some job hunters are going one step further and creating a personal brand by having their own website with their name as the url. The advantage of this is they can control the content 100%, putting up an online CV, relevant articles, blog posts and videos so when recruiters type in their name the site pops up first.

As an entrepreneur, being online with your own professional profile means other related businesses can connect to you more easily and you can build your business network.

Social Media For Business – Why is it important?

If you’re running your own business or planning to, some sort of online presence is essential. There are not many businesses that survive now without one, it acts as a virtual shop window, attracting clients to your products and services. Social media is particularly important if you’re a business without traditional bricks and mortar premises. It’s one of the things you’ll learn about and how to implement if you study for GSM London’s Enterprise and Small Business Development degree.

An online presence is also a cost effective way of disseminating your product or service to a much wider audience or targeting specific groups. You’re no longer limited to the number of people who see your ad in the Yellow Pages or the local paper, you can reach people anywhere in the world. You can also target your social media presence much more specifically so you’re advertising your product or services to the people who are actually interested and are more likely to buy.

In addition, social media is important for strengthening your brand and managing your reputation.  More social media presence means more awareness of who you are and what people are saying – just make sure you stay on top of it so you can promote the good and manage the bad.

Learning more about building an online presence

At GSM London many of the courses cover comprehensively the online aspect of business but the BSc (Hons) Enterprise and Small Business Development degree really delves deep into the subject and is ideal for anyone looking to start their own business or take an existing business to the next level.

As well as helping you develop your own business, it’s a degree which can lead to a job in HR, business management, marketing or small business advisory services.

We would like to hear from you if you have any questions about building an online presence and how our courses can help you. You can call us on 020 3797 4687 or find out how to apply here.

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