October 19, 2018

The future of Banking & Finance Careers

Simon Dixon

According to his website, Simon Dixon is CEO and founder of BankToTheFuture.com and an active Banking Reformer, using his influence in business, education and politics.

Author of the books ‘Bank To The Future’ and ‘Student To CEO’, Simon Dixon spent the early part of his professional career in the City of London having experience as a stock broker, trader and investment banker.

Originally trained as an economist, mastering from the University of Manchester, he now spends his time helping entrepreneurs and investors through BankToTheFuture.com, working with students and graduates through BankTalkShow.com and a public speaker, presenting across financial institutions, universities on banking reform and social entrepreneurship.

His current roles as CEO of BankToTheFuture.com, managing the investment portfolio of Metal Monkey Private Equity and Chairman of training and consultancy company Benedix (Owner of BankTalkShow.com) keeps him closely in touch with the financial industry and technological innovation.

He is actively involved in campaigning for a fundamental reform of our banking system and educating all levels on the financial crisis.

This video was recorded by the Careers Service at the University of Liverpool. In it Simon gives some unique insights into banking and finance careers. Well worth watching.

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