June 26, 2019

More than social: the power of social media event management

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Much as the landscape of the typical workplace has drastically changed in the 21st century, so too has the nature of event management. Long gone are the days of prawn cocktail starters, velvet evening gowns and being asked to turn off your PDA. Today, guests are typically armed with smartphones, and it is because of this small yet powerful asset that the event management industry has seen the changes that it has.

While menus and dress codes have updated with the decades, modern events encompass something that would have been unheard of in the 70s – digital interactivity.

Cultivating the hype

As any event manager will tell you, it’s important to create a buzz around your event before it even begins. Not only does this help confirmed guests get excited about the evening they’ve already committed to, it could help inspire new guests to join in on the fun too. Social media plays a huge role in achieving these aims.

Creating an event that people can and want to shout about on Twitter and Facebook is surely the aim of any event organiser, but when those tweets and statuses convert to more attendees, and potentially more ticket sales, the power of social media as an integral part of communication pre-event is most obviously displayed.

Engaging with your guests

During the event, it’s practically mission impossible to ask your guests to turn their phones off – people are connected, and asking them to halt those conversations for an entire evening rarely goes down well. While you can ask people to turn their phones to silent – especially when more formal moments like speeches and presentations are happening – the most successful modern events actually welcome a level of interactivity during the evening.

From large projection screens that – should a guest send a tweet with a specific hashtag – display photos and thoughts throughout the duration of the night, to providing tables with selfie sticks to actively encourage the action, there are all sorts of methods to try.

One thing is for certain though – encouraging this interactivity will enthral audiences, and provided the rest of the event is up to scratch, social media-focused activities could provide great PR for you as the event manager in kind.

Creating more connected futures

In essence, social media for an event manager is far more than merely a tool to talk to your clients and guests. It’s a way of sparking the right conversations with the right people, and while it can make for some fun on the big night, it’s the means through which so many connections and networking opportunities happen.

Being the catalyst for those conversations exposes the importance and power of the events manager, and you can take pride in helping form those connections, as well as the innovations and ideas that arise from these meetings. Your delegates will realise this too: marketing techniques and methods have come a long way, but few things are as trusted as word-of-mouth, or rather, genuine tweets, after all!

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