April 22, 2019

Snap! And their careers were sorted….

Despite a damp and rainy wet Wednesday, over 35 students attended the first Your Career. Sorted! event held on the Greenford Campus. This was in response to overwhelming popular demand from students on campus, that followed on from the initial highly successful Your Career. Sorted! held at the Greenwich campus.

Students were greeted by the GSM Careers administrator, Sidd Singh and several student ambassadors, given a delegate pack and directed to refreshments for an opportunity to network with the GSM Careers team including Hodo Aden and Sandra Rule who supported the event.

Then the students went to three forty minute seminars that comprise the Your Career. Sorted!.  Each one was run by an expert with experience in graduate recruitment, including former graduate recruiters from IBM and ACCA.

John Liberty led on Navigating the Job Market. He began with some good news that graduate vacancies are at their highest since 2008. By breaking down recruitment in 4 distinct channels he highlighted the importance of targeting CV and applications through these modes of recruitment, used increasingly by some of the UK leading brands. Students emerged with a greater knowledge of where to source graduate jobs and the correct strategy that would work for them. One student said he felt ‘more focused’ and that the session had allowed him to research with a greater degree of efficiency.

Paul Cannons led on Beating the Competition. Student listened with interest to his experiences of working with graduates across a range of top UK Universities. Delegates learned how to overcome many challenges within the application process by deploying the ‘SNAP’ technique and aligning applications to the business priorities of the graduate recruiters. They also had a chance to play the role of a recruiter and select those they would call for interview from a range of applications. One delegate expressed delight that she felt she could now make applications with a greater degree of impact to stand out from the competition and increase her chances of an interview.

Chris Naughton led on Winning Interview Techniques. Chris began with passionate plea that students can and should take steps to better prepare for an interview. He focused on what is meant by getting into the right ‘mind set’ and demonstrated how students could apply the STAR framework to those challenging questions. One student’s feedback cited was being able to approach an interview with confidence because he could ‘sell his own brand’ and maintain a more positive frame of mind.

It is clear the half day was rich in learning from a sample of the positive feedback received from delegates:

I attended this seminar this morning as a student, what a fantastic, informative morning we had! a great way to supporting student, very well done and thanks to the GSM careers team.

Overall students attending this seminar emerged with invaluable insights into the sophisticated recruitment methods being used by employers, a greater knowledge of how to align applications, and confidence to maximise ‘brand you’ in what remains a competitive job market.

If you missed this event

You can attend separate seminars on each of the three key themes of sourcing job opportunities, making applications with impact, and approaching the interview process with a professional outlook.

Book your place on the student portal when these seminars are available in the spring semester and make sure you are firmly in the driving seat of your career!

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