June 26, 2019

Sarah Falusi – An Absolute Gem

Sarah Falusi – GSM London Course Advisor
It’s always great a pleasure to get feedback from our students thanking staff for their hard work and dedication. This week we would like to highlight one person in particular, Sarah Falusi – GSM London Course Advisor.
We would like to share with you all the personal thanks Sarah received for helping Sancha Sidney, a prospective mature student at GSM London.
“I’d like to share what an absolute asset and gem Sarah Falusi is. She had a natural talent through her very friendly and honest nature which put my mind at ease.
Changing careers at this point in my life is quite daunting to say the least. Whilst it may seem like a small thing, the interaction with GSM London personnel could literally change the rest of my life! Sarah proved efficient, professional and thoroughly genuine. She answered every question and when necessary did not hesitate to seek the information i required from a colleague and senior.
I would therefore like to take time to acknowledge her and of course to say thank you as well. I am excited and look forward to my journey.”
Well done Sarah! Keep up the good work, we are proud to have you here at GSM London.

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