June 26, 2019

Run your own mobile phone shop!

Welcome to Smartia, The world’s most prestigious and technologically advanced mobile phone retailer. You have been selected to manage one of Smartia’s flagship stores in the heart of London. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. You will be working in one of the most competitive markets within the technology industry with a view to secure yourself a managerial position in their most profitable store in New York. You will be responsible for the overall performance of the business including sales, marketing, staff, stock management and financial performance. You’ll also need to satisfy your customers, respond to competitor moves and make a profit.

This is your one shot! Good Luck!

The chance to run your own virtual phone shop is one of two business simulations available free from TalentCubed. It is one aspect that makes the site unique. There are many graduate jobs boards and networking platforms out there but Talentcubed has some pretty neat ideas. Gaining real world experience can be difficult and an online simulation is never going to match that but it will deepen your understanding of the issues. Combine that with the chance to interact with real people working in industry and to apply for actual jobs, talentcubed suddenly becomes more interesting.

So if you are bored over Christmas, then why not try running your own virtual phone shop from the comfort of your own home?

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  1. This post was interesting and informative. I run my own phone repair shop and they have become a vital part of the UK high street.

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