June 24, 2019

The ultimate survival guide for recent graduates

Graduates on graduation day

Congratulations on becoming a graduate! It’s now time for all that hard work to pay off. Of course with lots of graduate opportunities out there, this is easier said than done.

We want you to take a step back before you work out what to do after university. Not just have an approach to jobs, but a plan for everything from this point on.

Sounds daunting doesn’t it? Well don’t panic! We’re here with 5 essential tips to set you off on the right track. Read on for our graduate survival guide…

1. Be prepared

Knowledge is power, right? You must have learned that when writing essays. So have the same attitude when thinking about how to get your first job.

Here’s the thing. Get to know a company before you send that CV and all-important cover letter. Read their website and try and understand what drives them.

With high competition for posts, good research is important. On average, 720 monthly searches are made by graduates seeking vacancies. Make each one count.

2. Be a pro

The right mindset is an obvious thing, but is all too easily overlooked. If you’re sitting at home drinking tea and sending CVs it’s tough to feel like a champion!

Take our advice. Don’t spend night after night down the boozer, as you may have done during student life. Hangovers and professionalism don’t mix.

Another pro tip is to review your social media. Weird selfies and photos of bad behaviour could be accessed by employers checking to see if you’re up to scratch.  

3. Be ‘account’able

Unless you’re a maths wiz, juggling numbers and sorting out bills is a nightmare at any time of life. Students, graduates and even pros find budgeting a chore.

Now, if you’re not in the habit of drawing up a weekly or monthly budget this is the perfect time to start! It can be very intimidating though.

Thankfully apps are on hand to assist you, should numbers not be your bag. There are a range of apps which can help you plan your spending.

Money Dashboard for example gives a comprehensive and simple overview of those incomings and outgoings. A lot of the financial heavy lifting is done for you.

4. Be a schemer

We don’t mean that in a nasty way of course. What we’re talking about are the graduate employment schemes set up by leading companies, from Aldi to the BBC.

This is the best part. These schemes give you transferable skills, so if the position doesn’t work out you can use them in other roles. Despite having a qualification, there’s no substitute for on the job training.

Another option worth considering is to continue your life in education. Expanding your mind with a postgraduate degree can lead to exciting future career opportunities.

5. Be cool

It’s easy to lose your cool when trying to establish yourself post-uni.

Time out. Making time for relaxation as well as perspiration is vital. Otherwise you’re going to burn out before you can take advantage of any graduate opportunities.

Make some time for friends, especially other friends on the job hunt. Sharing your ups and downs of your graduate journey will help to make the whole experience easier. There are ways of socialising for less, such as taking advantage of these free coffee offers at Costa.

You can get some great deals on food and drink via online survey sites too. You can then recharge those batteries and what’s more the sites pays you to take part, which is especially good when looking for employment!

Now you have 5 tips to help you get started on the right track in the working world. You have already achieved something great in getting a degree, now it is time to show what you can do! Good luck.

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