May 25, 2019

Qualifying for CIMA Global Business Challenge Cup Final

Make World Cup History and qualify for the CIMA Global Business Challenge Finals.

Could this be you on Stage in 2015 ?
Could this be you on stage at the CIMA ‘semi finals’ in 2015? Team ‘Precision’ present to the panel of Directors.

In 1930 the first FIFA World Cup was held with just 13 national teams entering. The home nations from the UK declined to take part. Now the World Cup is truly global with the latest world cup final being played in Brazil with over 32 teams making it to the finals.

The CIMA Global Business Challenge has seen a similar growth of entries to its global competition, with over 80 teams from 30 UK Universities taking part. Last week 4 under graduate teams made it through to the CIMA finals with the aim of winning the prize of going to Mumbai to compete with 24 other global regions.

Paul attended the ‘qualifying’ rounds held at Mill bank Tower in London in June and watched these four ‘semi finalists’ from Leicester, Imperial, London Metropolitan and Glasgow Universities take part. Each team produced a small video on the virtues of studying with CIMA. Then from a case study they had been given, they presented their recommendations on growing a business to a panel of chief financial officers drawn from CIMA, Barclays, IBM and Sky.  The teams had to consider a range of issues that included which market to expand into, the risks involved and to cost out a five year development plan. The panel asked some challenging questions of the teams who were well informed, rarely read from their notes and were able to come back with a plethora of data to back up their case.

The teams operated like the more successful football teams in Brazil, in that they were well rehearsed, knew which part they should play and how to ‘score goals’ by making the recommendations that would win approval from with panel. They showed the qualities and skills expected of business managers in that they were not afraid to stand up to the panel of judges by arguing their case, whilst remaining calm and convincing.

After lunch the panel retired to consider the winning team. Two teams were commended in joint third place and tension in the room was palpable before the David Rowsby, Regional Director, Europe, CIMA announced the winning team, Precision, from Leicester University. Team Precision will now be going to the ‘world cup’ finals in Mumbai representing the UK. Paul spoke to one of the winning team members, who has kindly volunteered to address any GSM students interested in taking part next year.

Two GSM Oil and Gas students also attended the event and agreed with Paul that ‘you have to be in it to win it’. It took another twenty years for England to enter their first world Cup in 1950. Paul does not want GSM to wait around that long , given there is a wealth of talented students capable of competing against their counterparts from other graduate institutions in  next year’s CIMA UK finals.  He will be looking for GSM students to form teams to engage  with the new CIMA Global Business challenge case study when it becomes available in September 2014. Check the Student portal for further details or email Paul via to make history at GSM London by becoming one of the first teams to enter the CIMA Global Business Challenge.

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