June 16, 2019

What’s better? A long or a short CV?

If you’re setting your sights on a new job, you’d better make sure you have good proofreading skills – or get a couple of friends to give your CV the once-over before you send it off. Our new survey of over 600 employers revealed that spelling and grammatical mistakes on CVs are the single biggest annoyance.

Nearly nine in ten company decision-makers said they find these mistakes off-putting – regardless of whether the job requires a firm command of the English language. Poor spelling was even more irritating than incorrect information (such as the wrong company or contact name), the next most popular answer chosen by three-quarters of respondents. A similar proportion found missing information just as annoying.

The typical advice to keep CVs short and sweet rings true, as nearly half (46%) of respondents found over-long CVs to be a problem, while just 26% named CVs that were too short. And although it’s OK to show a bit of personality in your CV, an overly casual tone was annoying for 44% of the decision-makers surveyed, while 39% cited a poor font or layout.

The survey also found a few differences between different types of decision-makers. For example, men were more likely than women to be annoyed by irrelevant or too much information on a CV, while those in large organisations were the most likely to dislike long CVs.

Getting your CV right is a key part of a successful application to any job. If you’re struggling to fine-tune yours, why not contact our Careers Centre for more tips and information on crafting the perfect CV?

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