June 16, 2019

Podcast: Winning Interviews

The final podcast  from Your Career. Sorted is that of Chris Naughton’s workshop about interview skills. There are many resources available about interview technique, often focusing on competency based approaches. Chris took a different, refreshing, angle.

In his workshop Chris focused very much on the mental attitude of the candidate. This is quite challenging, particularly when you have received a lot of rejections. Being positive and having self-belief though can be the winning combination. Many employers prefer candidates with the right attitude even if they don’t have all the skills required. Skills can be learned, attitude and mind-set are harder to achieve. Indeed Reed Recruitment undertook research a few years ago that demonstrated how important the right mind-set is. We have a copy of their book “Put your Mindset to Work” which can be accessed for reference only (although cheap copies are always available on ebay or amazon).

Download the Podcast

View Chris’s slides here


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