June 26, 2019

How to pick the right university course programme

Student holding books. Choosing a university course.

Choosing what you will do for the next three years of your life and potentially for your career is a big decision to make. It’s not something you should rush into but rather a choice you should only make once you have all the facts in front of you and you know exactly what you want to do.

University is a big commitment, both in terms of time and financially, so it is important to do your research and make sure you pick the best degree for you.

Choosing the right subject

This is the first thing you need to get right – you don’t want to waste your time and money on a programme you quickly grow bored of and worse still, drop out of.

Start thinking about subjects you’ve already studied, perhaps at GSCE or A-Level. What interested you about them? What did you enjoy? Will you still be interested in the subject three years further on and what can you do with the subject afterwards for a career? You might decide to take a particular subject and still not be sure what career path you will take at the end of it all. However, there are plenty of graduate jobs where a wide range of degrees are considered useful.

You might instead wish to consider it from a career point of view. Do you have a particular career in mind that you want to follow and if so, what degree would be suitable to further your ambitions. Research what are the best courses to study for jobs in that particular field.

And finally, you might decide to embark on something completely new that you’ve never studied before. This can be an exciting option and open doors for you. However, explore your options first. Are you doing something new because it leads to a particular career or because you find it fascinating or simply because a friend is doing it and it sounds rather good? Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons if you choose to do something completely different.

GSM London has trained Course Advisers you can sit down with who help you choose the right subject

Prioritise what you want

It’s a good idea to prioritise what you want out of your university experience as well. What is your main focus? Is it to do a degree with a strong business element to it that can lead to a wide range of roles such as marketing or are you looking for something specific like law?

Are you happy to do a traditional three-year degree or would you prefer to do an accelerated two-year degree and start working earlier? Do you want to do a more rigid course because of the prestige of the institution you would be studying at or would you prefer a course with greater flexibility where you could study part-time, for example?

What about work placements? Are you keen on university programmes that give you a chance to work in the industry? And what extra modules could you do and how will they help your goals?

Where to study

Where you study is just as important as what you study so you need to think about whether you want to be at a university in the middle of city or whether you would rather be somewhere quieter that has it’s own self-contained campus. Are you planning on living away from home or do you want to stay home and study in an institution which you can commute to?

GSM London is situated in Greenwich, London, which means there is easy access to the city and all the things it has to offer – great nightlife, lots of history and culture and good transport links.

We would like to hear from you if you’re thinking of going to university and undecided about which programmes you want to study. You can call us on 020 3797 468 or find out more here.

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