June 26, 2019

Meet Lynda. She’ll show you things you never thought you could do.

Lynda Poster

Ever wondered how other people instinctively know how to do things? Have you ever received a really well crafted email? Or have you been impressed by somebody’s public speaking?

As humans we are programmed to have preferences for certain activity. I don’t think I have any artistic flair and somehow have learnt how to be creative in different ways.

Try this:

Get a piece of paper and sign your name. Then below your signature, sign again but this time using your “weak” hand. You’ll probably find that it looks terrible but is probably vaguely legible. It is highly likely that you could train up that hand to perform just as well if you had to. You can recognise your instinct but not be limited by it.

Skills are the same. As careers professionals we talk a lot about the importance of developing skills.  Think about what skills will be required by future employers and audit yourself to see how you’d fit.

There are lots of ways to develop skills. GSM London students now have access to a brilliant learning platform called Lynda. In Lynda you’ll find short online courses to help you develop skills – everything from IT, design, web, photography, presentation skills – the list goes on and on. Getting personal access to Lynda.com isn’t cheap so make the most of getting it for free. Think about the skills you should be developing and explore the courses available through Lynda.





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