June 26, 2019

Limbering up to help the homeless

Classroom technologist Fardin Amiri, who works at GSM London’s Greenford campus, is helping to raise money to help the homeless in London and some of Spain’s poorest people.

How can you support Fardin to help the homeless?

Fardin is part of the London-based charity ‘Who is Hussain?’, which organises weekly food drives, haircuts and the distribution of sanitation packs to help the homeless in London. The charity has a small team in Barcelona and is trying to do the same there. To expand their service and to make it sustainable, he will be joining a group of volunteers to climb the Montserrat mountain in Catalonia, Spain, with the aim of raising £2,000.

Fardin needs YOUR help! If you would like to help, please donate here. 

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