July 21, 2019

How volunteering can help your career

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Although your degree qualification is likely be the fundamental pre-requisite when it comes to you landing your dream job, there are of course all sorts of activities that can bolster your employability.

Getting a competitive edge for when the time comes to start applying for jobs can be key, especially if you are looking to enter a saturated industry. Therefore, every little can often help in terms of ensuring your CV is as comprehensive as it can possibly be.

One great way to appeal to potential employers, aside from ensuring that you get the very best grades in your degree course, is to volunteer. This is fairly sector specific, but volunteer experience not only says a great deal about your personality. It can also give you some extremely useful vocational skills that you could well use later in your career, whatever industry this may end up being in.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is of course a form of work experience and provides you with invaluable skills that you will be able to utilise when you enter the world of full time employment. Many students who focus solely on their degree may well have all the academic credentials they need but a lack of experience can often hinder a graduate’s job search, sometimes by years.

Gaining this experience whilst you are at university will not only boost your confidence but inevitably convince employers that you have all the skills and attributes needed to succeed in your chosen sector.

Some other great advantages of volunteering on your career include:

  • You are able to assess your industry before you enter it
  • Gain confidence before your job search begins
  • You can often start to make a real difference to your chosen sector

There are also the following, which should be seen as fantastic reasons for you to consider volunteer work.

Build Up Your Network of Contacts

Aside from the impact volunteering work can have on your skillset, it can also be a great way for you to grow your network of contacts long before you have even secured your first full time job.

In some job spaces, the contacts you have can often be the difference and your early years as a volunteer are often the formative ones when it comes to meeting some of the big players in your industry and crucially, picking their brains about what it takes to succeed.

Impact On Your Degree Qualification

Whilst it may feel that volunteering alongside all the hard work you are putting into your degree will create unnecessary extra work, this isn’t the way one should view volunteering whilst at university. The aforementioned skills we have discussed will also have an abundantly positive impact on your studies and will only serve to improve your final grades.

Indeed, the extra experience and knowledge you will be gleaning from your volunteer work will be a great shot in the arm and your examinations and coursework will naturally prove to be indicative of this. The hard work will definitely be worth it and make your degree feel significantly more manageable when it comes to the business end of your course.

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