April 22, 2019

Why graduates need work experience and a degree

As the world of work becomes increasingly competitive and the number of students coming out of education with a strong degree continues to rise, employers are now reportedly putting work experience at the top of the list when it comes to narrowing down their candidates.

A recent study has found that up to a third of employers stated that work experience is crucial when deciding to select a candidate for their advertised role.

According to a study from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, when it comes to narrowing down business management degree course graduates with the same qualifications, 29 percent said that they believe work experience is crucial to a candidate’s chances of employment.

The latest findings suggest how graduates are edging ahead in the competitive job market, with graduate recruitment research company High Fliers finding that 37 percent of graduate positions filled by candidates went to those who had already undertaken work experience at the companies in question, as reported in this article.


Image Credit: Brendan C (flickr.com)


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