June 19, 2019

The Student Ambassador Role

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Getting Involved – becoming a Student Ambassador 


University is a time to nurture your academic thinking and to acquire new knowledge and skill sets to facilitate employability. The modules across GSM London’s courses have been designed to stimulate decision making, practical thinking, and time management and communication skills alongside various others – which if you ask me is more than enough to ready you for life outside of education.

However, for those looking to go that extra mile in terms of self-development, becoming a student ambassador is a very useful option. It is a way to gain practical involvement alongside your studies, and gain experiences that aren’t available to other students whilst being paid for it! (Whoop whoop)

Throughout my first two years at university, I was on the hunt for a convenient part time job, anything that could provide me with some extra cash, but not take over my studies, which is far more important. As you can imagine, it was harder than I thought it would be, with most places being too far away and only offering fixed contract hours leaving no room for flexibility. Fortunately I didn’t give up, and thankfully at the beginning of my final year I was advised by one of the members of staff on campus to apply for the student ambassador position.

What is a Student Ambassador?

As a student ambassador you will work with and represent various departments at the university, both internally and externally. The traditional student ambassador role will involve showing prospective students and parents around the university on tours, helping out on open days and supporting the First Term Engagement team on induction weeks.

At GSM London the role goes beyond the traditional duties associated with being a student ambassador by providing extra support to aid you in developing your professional and practical working skills. Not only was I involved in tasks such as distributing guides, welcoming students on induction weeks and promoting upcoming events, but I have been heavily involved with external marketing operations for undergraduate and postgraduate events. At these events I was involved in the promotion of the University to prospective students and the general public.

One of the most memorable parts of working as an ambassador, was being selected to be a part of an important marketing meeting with the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Innovation and Skills for the UK and the CEO and marketing directors of the University.

Developing into a Professional

Whether it’s becoming a student ambassador, putting yourself forward as student rep, or creating a society, the University staff will be behind you to support you and put you at the forefront of what they do. They work with you to build confidence and prepare you for each task.

Just a year ago, if I was asked to talk to a room of 100 people I would have declined straight away. Had there been 5 people in the room I would have turn the offer down just the same, but now it’s a walk in the park. The combination of practical based studies and being a student ambassador has given me the boost of confidence needed to work in the real world. As the saying goes, the more you put it the more GSM London will give back to you.

I highly recommend that students get involved in roles such as becoming a student ambassador throughout their university life. I will definitely remember my time and studies at GSM London as that period of my life is where I developed the foundation of the professional skill sets that I will continue to develop in the world of work.

written by Khalid Al Soufah

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