July 23, 2019

Featured Degree: Human Resources with Management

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People are one of the greatest resources an organisation can have – the right people will make a business while the wrong people can break it. In addition, being able to look after those people properly is also critical to success. A BSc (Hons) Human Resources with Management degree can equip you with the knowledge to go into any organisation and manage the staff.

Marcia Hazzard, head of the department for ‘Human Resources, Management and Health’ at GSM London, says: “The challenge is recruiting the right people, with the right skills, for the right job at the right time. That challenge can also be exciting which is why it’s a great time to pursue a career in HR.”

Why are human resources so important?

Having the right people in any business is critical to business success and human resource management is concerned with managing those people in the workplace as well as the culture and the environment. If carried out effectively, it can contribute extensively to the overall company direction.

Human resources management is responsible for controlling budgets and trimming workforce management costs, resolving conflict, training and developing employees, undertaking performance management and helping sustain a business.

A ‘Human Resources with Management’ degree can teach the necessary skills to be able to deal with critical employee processes within any business and manage HR operations.

What will I learn?  

The human resources course will teach you the fundamental principles of HR management and the modern day concepts of HR. You’ll learn how to manage the employment relationship and the benefits of having a well-functioning HR department. You’ll also look at financial information which impacts on business decision-making, employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

It’s an ideal opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of the most important HR principles and the current issues facing HR, and how these issues affect overall organisational strategy and decision-making.

Interests and skills

A degree in ‘Human Resources with Management’ is ideal for those who enjoy working with people, who are highly organised and are good communicators. You should be discrete and able to multi-task. Understanding conflict management, being patient and being able to negotiate are also important skills to have.

Where will it lead me?

With the vast majority of businesses needing human resources support, a degree in human resource management can literally take you anywhere. HR skills are core skills for any employer and depending on what interests you, you could apply for a role in that particular industry. Whether it’s a premier league football club, a hospital or high street store, they all require HR support.

The human resources course will equip you with the ability to find the right business solutions and to improve HR efficacy in an organisation. It can lead to roles in HR, recruitment consultation, database administration and information systems management.

As you progress, you’ll be able to move onto more senior HR roles or embark on a career as an independent HR consultant.

Entry requirements

You’ll need two A-Levels and a total of 32 UCAS points. If you don’t have A-Levels, you’ll need to have completed GSM London’s Foundation Year programme. Alternative qualifications are accepted, including; BTEC National Diploma, Advanced Level Diploma, HND/C, International Baccalaureate and Irish/Scottish Highers/Advanced.

For those who don’t have the relevant qualifications or who have little or no recent academic experience, GSM London’s foundation year is a great option. It develops students’ core skills in maths and English, builds confidence and gets them ready for degree-level study.

Even if you don’t have any of the above qualifications you may still be able to apply and be judged on your merits. A non-standard entry will be considered where you have an up-to-date CV, have been employed for at least a year full-time and a have a signed work reference. You may also need to complete an essay and undertake an academic interview.

How do I apply?

We would like to hear from you if you have any questions about our Human Resources with Management degree. You can call us on 020 3797 4687 or find out how to apply here.

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