July 17, 2019

Engaging in business

GSM London Lecturers and BT

In today’s corporate environment, employees need to understand every aspect of an organisation. To ensure that GSM London students have this holistic understanding, our business modules cover a range of topics including employee engagement and CSR.

Most recently, Gary Thwaites, Head of Global Services Ordering at BT came to the Greenwich campus to explain to students how employee engagement is undertaken and what value it can bring to an organisation.

GSM London Lecturers and BT
Lecturers Neil Jones, Makayla White, John Threlfall with Gary Thwiates (Head of Global Services Ordering at BT)

Gary explains: ‘BT understands that engaged people contribute to the company’s success by bringing new ideas, passion and energy to their role. That’s why BT invests time and resource – it’s regarded as important as other aspects of the business, for example finance or communications. In fact, engagement is a personal objective on every manager’s scorecard – it is part of our performance measurement.’

Guest lecturers from the business world, such as Gary, form a key part of the Business Management syllabus that focuses on both academic theory and vocational experience.

According to Neil Jones, Programme Leader for the Business Management degree, that’s because: ‘Our aim is to include a real life case study in every business module. We regard vocational experience as a vital part of our degrees.’

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