July 23, 2019

Confessions of the Recruitment Industry

recruitment-infographicDid you know that 89% of recruiters will reject your CV if it includes a photo? Or that most recruiters spend no more than 5 seconds looking at each CV?

This infographic gives some “confessions” of the recruitment industry. Click the image to view it properly.

I am not certain of the accuracy of much of the statistics given here but I’m confident that the messages are correct. Recruiters know what they are looking for and it often doesn’t take long to glance at a CV and consider whether it’s worth investigating further. But why wouldn’t a recruiter want to see your lovely smiling face on your CV? Partly because it creates an anxiety in the recruiter that they will judge you on appearance, not ability. And that’s a really human thing to do – we all do it.

I also agree with this infographic that poor  spelling and grammar can ruin your chances of a job. It is just not acceptable given the amount of support available. The recruiter is looking for a future employee, somebody who contributes to the organisation and presents the professional image expected. Poor spelling really compromises this image.

If you are not confident with your language skills there are plenty of resources out there to help. LearnDirect offer a free English language qualification through City & Guilds.

And remember, your CV and Applications can be checked by a member of GSM Careers for free at both campuses.

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