April 22, 2019

Computer science degree graduates in high demand

As IT investment makes the transition from an additional cost through to the answer to long-term profitability for a company, the UK is seeing a rise in the demand for IT and technology employees.

Computer science degree graduates in high demand
A study from recruitment firm Astbury Marsden has seen a significant rise in the hire of employees in this sector, suggesting a stable future for IT and computer science graduates.

The firm found that this increase was across the board as many different sectors look to digital for future profits, with BSc computer science degree graduates needed across business and banking sectors. The director of Astbury Marsden predicts the digitalisation of the banking sector to continue to gain momentum, with the increasing hire of such employees set to continue for at least the next couple of years.

Astbury Marsden also found in this report that City hiring is up 46 per cent, as of October 2014 when compared to the same month the year previous, as a result of such an increase in IT sectors.


Image Credit: Steve Winton (flickr.com)


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