July 22, 2019

Chris Naughton. Sorted.

Chris Naughton

As many of you will know, recruiting is hard. How do you, as a recruiter, get an understanding of the skills, mindset and personality of potential team members? You’re making a decision that will cost thousands of pounds and will directly affect the dynamics of existing teams. And rejecting candidates is often unpleasant – it’s human nature to have empathy.

If recruiting is hard, staff moving on is even harder. Chris Naughton was my first appointment to the Careers Education team. I interviewed him alongside Anil Balan because we were looking for somebody to support the Law Department. What were we to make of a candidate that was a highly qualified and experienced linguist and previous employment by the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Pearson International?

Actually, quite a lot. I recall Chris being so personable and engaging. He talked through his experience and ensured it came across as relevent as possible. He shared his passion for people, for coaching and supporting people to achieve their ambitions.  And Chris has proven time and time again his innovation and insight.

Students from Economics, Law and Computer Science programmes may well know Chris for the employability sessions he runs in class time. Others may know him from our Your Careers. Sorted events, to which he was a pivotal contributor. He worked on various themed weeks including Law & Public Sector, Digital World and Opportunities. These have seen him draw impressive employers and speakers onto campus, and engage with local community organisations and sports.

On behalf of my team, I’d like to thank Chris for all his work and wish him well as his career moves forward.

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