July 17, 2019

Changing career: Where do I begin?

Career ruts are pretty bad at the best of times, and if you’re getting tired of the daily grind, it can be quite difficult to muster up the energy to keep at your current role. Unfortunately though, doing the exact opposite – finding a new career, throwing caution to the wind and embarking upon a journey of professional rediscovery – is just as unsettling for many people. If you want to change your career, how can you start?


What do you want to do?

For people who know what they want to do for a particular career, skip this step – you have a solid goal to strive towards. If you’re not sure, however, then it’s time for a whole load of soul searching, after which you’ll be able to make concrete steps towards improving your professional life.

If you’ve tried to figure out what you’d like to do and have come up with nothing, then don’t despair. There are all sorts of strategies you can use to discover that golden career option.

Talk to others

GSM London student grows her entrepreneurial skills

Many people work best in a group and we can all benefit from talking to others in the same situation, so try and seek out people you know that are going through a similar period of soul searching as you are. If you’re able to bounce ideas off others and share tips and tricks that have been particularly useful, then you’ll be spurred on to act quicker.

Make lists

If you’ve ever wanted to do a particular role in whatever career (however long ago your particular desires cropped up), then start jotting these down, comparing what you think the role is, what your skills are and why you like the idea of said career so much, with the realities of that particular role (gleaned through online research).

Time for action

Now you know what you’d like to do, you should jump into action and make it happen.

Spurring yourself on

The first, and for many, the most difficult step in getting a new career is starting to do it. Many people find that the comfort and safety of what they know is hard to shirk, but only by escaping your comfort zone will you find the career happiness you desire.

Just think to yourself; in ten years’ time, will you look back and be glad you took the plunge, or regret your lack of action?

Try, try, try

Women in Business Week

When a career change is on the horizon there are a host of options available to us, but there’s absolutely no reason why we should pick from just one of them. If you have a number of options on the table, but aren’t sure which to pick, then try your hand at shadowing others who are in that particular line of work, discovering what the roles are actually like.

The same goes for education – embark on as many open days for the foundation courses, degrees and so on that you think might benefit your chosen career – information is everything when making a big change.

Scared about changing career? It’s completely fine to feel that way, but don’t let your fear ruin your chances of having a new and far more enjoyable life. By using the above and finding your calling, you’ll be on the right track.

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