June 16, 2019

My Career – Emma Adeleye (Careers Adviser GSM London)

As part of Broaden your Horizon week at GSM London, each day we will be publishing a blog in which the author reflects on the twists a turns that have influenced their career to date.


 It makes for some fascinating reading. Today we commence the week with the reflections of Emma Adeleye who is a member of the Careers and Employability team at GSM London.

Good Communication. Commercial Awareness. Research Skills. People Skills. Creativity.

According to allaboutlaw.co.uk and lawcareers.net, these are just a handful of skills needed to be a successful legal professional. However, I use these skills interchangeably in my role as a careers adviser.  Skills that are transferable can be used in any role.

Although I didn’t plan to be in this career whilst I was studying a law degree, LLM or even in law school, I have to admit that the two roles in some peculiar way are similar. How, you ask?

  • I have one to one appointments with students just as a solicitor has one to one appointments with a client. Both provide information, advice and some form of guidance
  • I have to research information regarding roles, skills, labour market information, just as a paralegal carries out research for a particular case. Both need to be able to use IT and research skills to their advantage.

I am not a legal professional, but I am not that far removed. I still work in a law related role, being the lead adviser for the law department at GSM London.  The skills I gained studying and working in the legal field are being put to good use in my role.

Not sure what you want to do after your degree. Think about the following:

  1. What course are you studying?
  2. What skills will you gain from studying this degree? (Look at your course/ module handbook)
  3. What are the obvious jobs you can do after studying your degree?
  4. What other roles can you do with your degree? (Search for roles that use the skills you will gain from studying)

Still confused? Why not take a look at some of the events during Broaden your Horizon week to gain a better understanding of what options are open to you.


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