June 16, 2019

Benefits of a two-year degree?

GSM London students celebrating their graduation

Three years at university can seem like a long time, not to mention expensive. And if you’re keen to enter the world of work and start building a career you could be forgiven for wondering whether it’s worth it. But a two-year degree could be the answer – you receive exactly the same degree qualification but in a year less and at a lower cost.

There are numerous benefits to a two-year degree. If you’re trying to decide what university undergraduate courses would be best for you, then they are well worth considering.

1. Same high quality as a three-year degree

A two-year degree is NOT a lesser option. GSM London compresses the three years into two by extending the amount of teaching into the summer months when other students are traditionally on holiday. You’ll have to work extra hard to fit everything in but the qualification you receive at the end of it all will still be exactly the same as if you studied  over a longer period.

2. Graduate quicker 

One of the obvious benefits is being able to graduate in two years instead of three which is great if you want to get building your career. You’ll have a year’s work experience and will have been earning a salary for that time as well while all your contemporaries will still be studying and building up student debt. This can be a particularly good option if you’re a mature student with a family to support or if you’ve already been working because you can start earning that much faster.

You will be working, earning and furthering your career while your peers are accumulating another year of debt.

3. You’ll save money 

As you’ll only be at university for two years, you’ll only pay for two years’ worth of fees instead of three. At GSM London, the fees for a two-year degree are currently £8,000 a year. Given that the average fees for a three-year undergraduate degree at many universities are around £27,000 for the entire period that’s quite a significant saving.

In addition, you’ll also have a year’s less living expenses to worry about which means less student debt when you graduate. There are also loans available to help you cover the cost of those fees.

4. Improved career prospects

Far from being viewed as a soft option by employers, a two-year degree can actually boost your career prospects. Increasingly, employers are realising that those who opt to study in two years instead of three are highly motivated and dedicated to their work. It takes a fair amount of enthusiasm and a strong work ethic to get it done and graduate with decent marks.

A two-year degree demonstrates your willingness to work hard and go that extra mile to do what needs to be done – these are skills which will make you stand out and which prospective employers will really value.

5. You still have the option of postgraduate education 

Even if you opt for a two-year degree you can still go on to tackle postgraduate qualifications afterwards. This means that you have the ability to obtain a degree and a 1-year masters in the time it takes most people to just get a degree.Further increasing your desirability to employers.

We would like to hear from you if you have any questions about our two-year accelerated degrees. You can call us on 020 3797 4687 or find out how to apply here.

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