February 22, 2019

Becoming Like Churchill

Winston Churchill

Students often become despondent after not meeting with success in securing a job after one or two applications. This can be compounded after being ‘rejected’ at an interview for the desired job. The temptation is to ‘give up’ or think your skills or qualities are not good enough to merit employment.

Such an attitude can have tragic consequences and can lead to a defeatist attitude. With the fiftieth anniversary of Churchill’s funeral, talk of facing defeat and how to avoid it is apt. Churchill as Britain’s Prime minister throughout most of the second world war, faced what seemed like a tsunami of Nazi victories. The temptation to seek peace and surrender to the Nazis was always countered by the Churchill himself. His attitude was best summed up by one of his famous quotes ‘when in hell, you keep going’.

churchill quote
churchill quote

With statistics in the press quoting 70 applicants chasing every graduate job and 5.6 million people up to the age of 25 within the European Union being without jobs, the easiest approach is to give up on applications and ‘surrender’. Whilst one shudders to think what would have happened if Britain had surrendered in 1940 to Hitler, it is also disturbing when graduates become despondent and lose heart after one of two ‘defeats’ in the job market.

What is required is resilience and become like Churchill by taking his advice and never ‘flag nor fail’ and ‘never surrender’. In terms of job applications, it can often require ‘blood, sweat and tears’ but the important point is being in the game to win it. Often the best medicine to cure depression after a rejection is to find and apply for another position and resurrect hope. It may also be a time to reflect on past performance. Very few graduates ever bother to request feedback from an interview or application from an employer – some will provide it willingly and some will not but it is always worth a try.  It may also be worth taking stock and reviewing the sourcing of job vacancies and overall job strategy and talking it over with a GSM careers adviser.

Discussing a career journey to date with a careers adviser can be a tonic in reviewing personal skills and qualities perhaps overlooked by an employer. Or using the opportunity just to download in a one to one ‘quick query’ in private with a member of the GSM careers team and realise there is plenty of hope and everything to be gained by continuing to be in the graduate recruitment market. Where ever you find yourself in the application process, GSM careers are there to support you.

And when the day does come with that phone call or letter informing you that you have been successful in your application, you can glow in the satisfaction that the ‘victory is yours’.

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